Xinyi Zhang


I have a BEng in Coastal Engineering from Dalian University of Technology and an MSc in Environmental Fluid Mechanics from Delft University of Technology. My passion for coastal and ocean waves since my undergraduate years drove me here to pursue a PhD in the exciting field of wave-vegetation interaction. 

The interaction of waves with seaweed farms: wave attenuation and intra-farm hydrodynamics

PhD aim:
To understand the hydrodynamics of free-surface waves propagating over suspended seaweed farms. 

PhD objectives:

  • Investigate wave interaction with seaweed farms with laboratory experiments, focusing on intra-farm hydrodynamics and wave attenuation.  
  • Develop semi-empirical formulae for farm effects on wave attenuation, which can be implemented within coastal wave hydrodynamic models.  
  • Implement the formulae in suitable numerical models and apply them to several seaweed farm scenarios to investigate the potential impact of farm parameters on wave attenuation.  

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]