The Scottish Universities Partnership for Environmental Research

SUPER is delighted to announce that the UK Natural Environment Research Council
has awarded £5 million funding to our innovative Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP).

The SUPER Doctoral Training Partnership

The SUPER DTP is built around a well-established collaborative group of universities delivering world-leading research in natural environmental science. Each SUPER partner is a member of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS), a higher education pool established in 2009, whose research and training collaborations address cutting-edge scientific challenges across the NERC remit in topics as diverse as environmental physics and chemistry, biodiversity, global change and mathematical modelling of populations and ecosystems.

The SUPER DTP will radically expand upon this remit instigating a “catchment to coast” paradigm supporting the holistic study of the ecological dynamics of systems from headland rivers and catchments through lowland regions and riparian systems to transitional waters and shallow marine ecosystems.

SUPER will capitalize on scientific excellence across this wide swathe of the NERC remit, focusing on multi-institutional, cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary doctoral research. An ethos of inter-institutional support and shared training will underpin the DTP, supported by our Postgraduate Professional Researcher Development Certificate (PG Cert.).