External opportunities

If you are looking for Graduate School activities, see our Upcoming Events.

SUPER retains centrally-held funds to cover costs for PGRs to take advantage of external opportunities which would benefit their studies or future career. Read more in our Finance Information document.


  • MASTS ‘Delve Deeper’ Webinar Series
    • Every other Wednesday, 1.00 pm.
    • With themes spanning Environmental Impact, Resource Exploration, Technological Advancements, and Coastal Sustainability, each episode promises an exciting dive into the ever-evolving world of marine science.
  • Ocean Partnerships Speed Networking, a SMMR-Net Event Series
    • Various dates, 1.00 pm.
    • Ocean Partnerships recognises the need for practitioners from different disciplines to interact, exchange experiences and ideas. After a 10 minute introduction, the speed networking begins and you will be paired up for 7 minutes at a time over the course of the hour.
  • Practice your presentation skills, an ICES Webinar Series
    • Various dates and times.
    • This series will provide an informal and supportive forum for ECRs to give oral presentations. Presenters can get constructive feedback while using the opportunity to get rid of their ‘nervous jitters’ before their actual presentation. A secondary outcome is the facilitation of interdisciplinary collaboration.

May 2024

  • Managing Your Scientific Code using Git & GitHub, an MBA Online Training Course
    • Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 May, 4 hours daily.
    • £149.
    • This course will introduce you to the most popular open source software for version control, Git, and the most popular platform for sharing and collaborating on projects online, GitHub. The course is designed to get researchers started with version control and demonstrate how to collaborate effectively as well as introduce version control best practices.
  • Transforming environmental data in R, a UKCEH Training Course
    • Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 May with optional ‘Introduction to R’ session on Monday 13 May.
    • Edinburgh or online.
    • From £499.
    • You will learn aspects such as auditable workflow, repeatability, time-saving, improving efficiency and reduced risk of data loss. You will participate in practical data transformation tool exercises using real environmental datasets to combine and manipulate datasets in different formats from different sources, leading to analysis-ready data. 
  • Structures in the Marine Environment Conference
    • Wednesday 22 to Thursday 23 May.
    • National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.
    • £10.
    • Join to hear the latest highlights from the research teams and a review of all the outputs across 4 years of the INSITE programme, plus the practical application of INSITE science.

June 2024

  • Marine Measurement Forum
    • Wednesday 19 June.
    • National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.
    • £45.
    • During an MMF ‘day’ a series of short presentations on diverse marine measurement topics are interspersed with refreshment breaks that offer delegates the chance to network with like-minded colleagues.
    • Deadline for abstracts is noon on Friday 24 May.
  • The Publishing Process and The Writing Process (incl. vivas), a Prof David Schultz Online Training Course
    • Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June, 1.00 pm-4.00 pm daily.
    • Free!
    • Join Prof. David Schultz of the University of Manchester for this free workshop on writing and publishing. During this workshop, you will learn the process of peer review from an experienced and interdisciplinary author, reviewer, and editor. Get behind-the-scenes insight into how to better prepare your manuscript for submission, engage with the reviewers and editor, and ensure a positive outcome for your manuscript. Delve into the concepts that all writers need to learn to write clear, concise, and understandable text. Learn the secrets of writing your dissertation and defending it in a viva.
  • Centre of Biophotonics Summer School 2024
    • Monday 24 to Friday 28 June.
    • St Andrews.
    • £270 (£150 for St Andrews PGRs), with discounted accommodation available.
    • The aim of the School is to provide participants with a solid background in cutting-edge microscopy techniques including single-molecule fluorescence, super-resolution, tracking, single-molecule force detection using optical tweezers, 4D confocal microscopy, and Raman sensing.

July 2024

  • STEM Communicators Network BIG Event
    • Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 July.
    • Cardiff and online.
    • £330, early bird until Monday 20 May. £380 thereafter. £70 online.
    • An opportunity to share skills and experiences, develop professional links and keep up-to-date with the STEM engagement field.

September 2024

  • NEOBIOTA – International Conference on Biological Invasions
    • Tuesday 3 to Friday 6 September.
    • Lisbon, Portugal.
    • Early bird pricing from 270€ (~£231) until Friday 14 June. 370€ (~£317) thereafter.
    • NEOBIOTA addresses applied and theoretical aspects of biological invasions, but also aims to educate the public.
    • Abstract deadline is Friday 19 April.
  • ICES Annual Science Conference
    • Monday 9 to Thursday 12 September.
    • Gateshead and online.
    • Keynote presentations include ‘Advancing the frontiers of transdisciplinary marine science​’, ‘​The ecological mechanics of light and life in the open ocean​’, and ‘Building ocean resilience beyond national jurisdiction​’.
    • Apply for ECS travel funds by Saturday 1 June.
    • Register to attend by Sunday 1 September.
  • 45th TB Macaulay Lecture
    • Tuesday 10 September, 5.00 pm.
    • Free!
    • Valuing nature for transformation: innovations in policy, finance and practice around the world.

  • 57th European Marine Biology Symposium
    • Monday 16 to Friday 20 September.
    • Naples, Italy.
    • Early bird pricing of 300€ until Monday 20 May.
    • Save the date. Topic: facing the challenges of marine biodiversity loss.

October 2024

November 2024

  • Inaugural Conservation Social Science Online Conference
    • Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23 November.
    • From $25 (~£20).
    • Explore the latest in conservation social sciences and hear from leading academics and practitioners applying social science to the most pressing conservation challenges.
    • Abstract submission deadline is Thursday 30 May.

December 2024

June 2025

July 2025