Research themes

The SUPER DTP will support a wide range of projects concerning aspects of marine, freshwater and terrestrial research, relating to the overarching “catchment to coast” theme. Subjects such as ecology, biodiversity, ecosystem change, environmental physics and chemistry, and mathematical modelling of populations and ecosystems are relevant. The challenges of climate change and the drive for sustainable economic growth are accelerating and the need for relevant skills and training increasing. The SUPER DTP therefore has a clear focus on climate change impacts, improved environmental management, sustainable exploitation (e.g. fisheries, forestry and aquaculture) and blue growth.

The major themes under the SUPER “Catchment to Coast” umbrella are:

  • Environmental dynamics: hydrology, sedimentology, coastal processes, erosion control, ecosystem engineering, river ecology and flood management
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem function: Ecosystem services, ecology and conservation
  • Challenged ecosystems: climate, pollution, resilience, resource management, societal well-being

We will attract high calibre candidates and develop their specific research skills, while also insuring further training in transferable and life skills. The SUPER DTP will formalise this additional training through its advanced qualification, the SUPER “Post Graduate Researcher Professional Development Certificate” (PG Cert.). This is an innovative approach to establish a “structured Ph.D.” programme whereby additional elements of a candidate’s progression can be explicitly planned and recognised. The PG Cert. will ensure that SUPER DTP students stand out and formalise the breadth of doctoral training for both the student and society. We recognise all our students as individuals and take pride in offering them a truly flexible and outstanding doctoral experience.