Charlie Towler


I graduated from Bangor University in 2021 with a BSc in Zoology with Herpetology. I then completed my MSc with Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum in Taxonomy, Biodiversity and Evolution. I am passionate about all things herpetology-related with a particular love of amphibians and conservation of Native species in the UK. More broadly speaking I am interested in using methods in molecular ecology and phylogenetics to understand how species have evolved and can adapt to changing environments.

Populations at the edge: range dynamics and conservation of the Great Crested Newt under global change

PI and Institution:
Greta Bocedi, University of Aberdeen

PhD aim:
To predict how climate change and other anthropogenic stressors could affect the persistence of Triturus cristatus (great crested newt) in the Scottish Highlands and model how they could potentially expand from their current range. We are also aiming to use knowledge gained from this project to inform conservation management practices for amphibians in the UK. 

PhD objectives:

  • Characterize patterns of adaptive genetic variation of T. cristatus across climate gradients in the UK and Europe, and assess the genetic variation that resides within the Highlands populations.
  • Use process-based modelling to predict how the Highland populations could respond to climate change related stressors and other anthropogenic-related factors such as habitat fragmentation or land use changes.
  • Test the effectiveness of management interventions specifically designed to help T. cristatus persist under changing environmental conditions.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Charlie Towler