Magnus Janson

I have completed an MSc in water resources engineering, have extensive work experience within the marine biology field, as well as professional/scientific diving expertise. It is therefore suiting that my PhD at Edinburgh Napier University combines marine biology, underwater physics and scientific diving. I am highly driven by the fact that my research can contribute to underwater conservation/restoration efforts, making the invested time feel valuable and rewarding.

Assessing biodiversity and functioning of re-establishing European flat oyster reefs by using eDNA and soundscape analysis

PhD aim:
To support oyster reef conservation and restoration efforts through the development of a scientific evidence-based best practice protocol for rapid assessment of restoration trajectory and ecosystem status by using eDNA and acoustic recordings.

Research questions:

  • How does biodiversity vary with age of re-establishing flat oyster beds?
  • How does associated species abundance vary with age of re-establishing flat oyster beds?
  • What is the role of eco-acoustics in the settlement process of flat oyster larvae?
  • How do eco-acoustic data, eDNA reef expression and visual data differ when assessing reef ecosystem health?
  • What are effective indicators for assessing restoration trajectory and overall ecosystem status/health?

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]