Aislinn Borland

On the edge of the abyss: mathematical modelling of Atlantic salmon marine migration

PhD aim:
To model the migration of Atlantic salmon post-smolts during the months following sea entry, developing the current knowledge of the migratory pathways taken during this period.

PhD objectives:

  • To develop a particle tracking model following the movement of post-smolts from their point of sea entry. The model will consider multiple hypothesised swim behaviours of post-smolts including current following, directed swimming, and temperature or salinity gradient following behaviours.
  • To run this model using a high-resolution ocean model (Scottish Shelf Waters Reanalysis Service, SSW-RS) for each year of the 26-year SSW-RS period.
  • To analyse the plausibility and biological realism of these swim behaviours, and to consider the temporal variation of migratory routes in relation to varying oceanographic conditions and prey fields.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @AislinnBorland