Jack Bamber

I am a conservation ecologist, passionate about studying species interactions and restoration landscapes. Currently I am based at the University of Aberdeen where I am pursuing my PhD.

Managing the impact of recovering mobile predators on endangered birds through prey switching: A field experiment in a habitat restoration landscape in the Cairngorms

PhD Aims:

  • To study predatory species interaction at human provided carrion sites; whilst evaluating diversionary tactics for endangered prey conservation

PhD Objectives:

  • To study trophic interactions between recovering predator species and endangered prey across a restoration landscape
  • Evaluating practices that promote positive conservation of predator and prey simultaneously
  • Assessing if food provisioning of predators, satiates foraging behaviour, reducing prey switching onto rare species
  • To assess the utilisation and access of human provided carrion in upland boreal systems, by recovering predators
  • To establish what factors, influence efficiency to manipulate predator food subsidies for conservation benefit

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