Greig Govenlock

Background in Physics (Master’s degree from Strathclyde University 2015-2020). PhD researcher focused on Nano-Plasmonic Sub-Sea Sensors at the University of St Andrews with the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI), in collaboration with Glasgow and Strathclyde universities.

A lab on a chip: Using nano-plasmonic tongues for building miniaturised ecosystem sensors

PhD Aims:

  • This project will investigate how nano-plasmonic technology can benefit current marine environmental sensors and looks to provide information on physical, chemical, and biological parameters.
  • It aims to develop a sensor that is portable, robust, and low-cost (relative) with the capacity to make a variety of highly accurate physical measurements in the marine environment.

PhD Objectives:

  • Nanoparticle based optical sensor design and development
  • Device characterisation and optimisation (initial sensing capabilities will be targeted at salinity, pH, temperature, and other commonly found nutrients)
  • Device production – transportable, multi-use, and easy to use
  • In-situ testing of marine and coastal environments

Contact Details:


  • October 2021: Prize-winning e-poster ‘Emerging Marine Biosensors’ at the MASTS Annual Science Meeting
  • April 2021: Won a MASTS Marine Technology and Technical Innovation funding award