Alexandra Bulgakova

My background is based in trophic connectivity in marine systems using stable isotope analysis. Past research has investigated nutrient stoichiometry in the Baltic Sea and trophic niche width in aquaculture farms in southern Spain. Outside of academia, much of my work has focused on MPA designation and habitat conservation.

M.Sc. Marine Environmental Protection – Bangor University
B.Sc. Marine Biology/Oceanography – Bangor University

Commercial-scale efficiency and environmental assessment of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA)

PhD Aims:

  • This project aims to improve the environmental efficiency of full-scale coastal integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) systems. Extractive species of bivalves and algae will be assessed for utilization of nutrient waste to enhance environmental mitigation and economic performance. Assessment of nutrient uptake and biotoxin loading will inform models to provide site suitability criteria.

PhD Objectives: 

  • Assess nutrient waste use by bivalves and algae in the field using stable isotopes, fatty acid biomarkers and growth indices;
  • Assess therapeutant uptake in bivalves and algae in the field using stable isotopes, fatty biomarkers, biotoxin loading and growth indices;
  • Model IMTA conditions, based on field data, assessing site suitability and component placement for use by government agencies such as Marine Scotland and SEPA.

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