Samuel Langlois Lopez

Samuel graduated in Marine Biology from the University of Aberdeen in 2018 and then worked as a senior research assistant for a GPS tracking project on 4 species of seabirds in 2018 and 2019.

The foraging ecology of great black-backed gulls and their potential effects on puffin populations

PhD Aims:

  • To explore the foraging ecology of great black-backed gulls at a spatial, temporal, and dietary level using a combination of different techniques
  • Part of this will include studying whether neighbouring seabird populations are being affected through predation

Contact Details:


Lopez, S.L., Bond, A.L., O’Hanlon, N.J., Wilson, J.M., Vitz, A., Mostello, C.S., Hamilton, F., Rail, J.F., Welch, L., Boettcher, R. and Wilhelm, S.I., 2022. Global population and conservation status of the Great Black-backed Gull Larus marinusBird Conservation International, p.1-11.

Slingsby, J., Scott, B.E., Kregting, L., McIlvenny, J., Wilson, J., Yanez, M., Langlois, S. and Williamson, B.J., 2022. Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery to characterise pursuit diving seabird association with tidal stream hydrodynamic habitat features. Frontiers in Marine Science, p.398.