Liam John Godwin

I did an undergraduate degree at The University of York, where I also took part in a year in the Europe Erasmus program. During my Erasmus year, I spent 6 months in Denmark studying at Aarhus University and 6 months at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

From landscapes to freshwater invertebrates: Understanding the effects of peatland restoration on Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) habitat in the Flow Country

PhD Aims:

  • To investigate the effects of land-use change on salmon habitat quality via abiotic factors such as physical structure, flow regime and water chemistry (DOC, nutrients and metals), and biotic factors, such as the abundance and diversity of the invertebrate prey base.

PhD Objectives:

  • To explore the hydrological and biogeochemical drivers of water quality (both in the stream water column and hyporheic zone) and evaluate the role of peatland restoration within this context
  • To examine spatial and temporal patterns in performance and abundance of young salmon across Flow Country rivers
  • For key reaches with varying restoration efforts, characterise relationships between water quality, invertebrate communities and salmon biomass

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