Katie Cubbon

I studied a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh (2013-2017), followed by an MSc in ‘Climate change managing the marine environment’ (2017-2018), also at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh. I’m now working on my PhD at the Heriot-Watt Orkney campus.  

The coexistence of aquaculture and inshore fisheries in Scotland: An ecotoxicological approach to establish potential contamination pathways in commercially important crustacean species

PhD Aims:

  • Determine the biological and environmental pathways of aquaculture therapeutants/other legacy contaminants in relation to commercially important crustacean species
  • Investigate potential association between observed pathologies and legacy contaminants associated with aquaculture
  • Explore how planning and management can be used to interrupt critical links in these pathways

PhD Objectives:

  • Mapping the spatial distribution and seasonal variation in the occurrence and severity of shell disease in commercially important crustacean species around Orkney
  • Investigating the potential bioaccumulation of legacy contaminants associated with salmon farming activity in commercially important crustacean tissues and storage in sediments
  • Using lab exposure experiments to determine uptake/depuration rates in model crustacean organism, as well as dose responses from exposure to environmentally relevant concentrations of emamectin benzoate and other legacy contaminants

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