Gracie Rose Wilson

The impact of climate change driven multiple stressors on UK intertidal macroalgae

Climate driven stressors have been largely unexplored with regards to UK intertidal macroalgae. To date the focus of stressor work in the UK has been on Kelp species. We know that it is unlikely that climate driven stressors are going to occur on their own, and there is evidence to suggest that the interactions of various stressors may cause the overall outcome to be different than if they were to occur individually. For example, we know that some intertidal macroalgae do better in slightly higher sea water temperatures, but what we do not know is how they will be affected if the sea water temperature was to rise and the acidity of the water was to decrease.

PhD Aims:

  • To examine how multiple stressors effect intertidal macroalgae and to disseminate this research to the wider scientific community

PhD Objectives:

  • We will examine the impact of climate driven and anthropogenic stressors on intertidal macroalgae, individually and in combination. The project will focus on 4 dominant UK intertidal species of macroalgae, including representatives from the brown, green and red classes, which are found at various heights along the shoreline.

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