Elisabete Rodrigues

After finishing my BSc in Marine Biology and Biotechnology in 2009, I became enthusiastic in the field of fisheries and marine resources sustainability. With the main goal of pursuing a career in this area, I started my MSc in Marine Resources Development and Protection with Heriot-Watt University, undertaking dissertation research on creel fisheries in Orkney. I started working for Orkney Sustainable Fisheries in 2015 taking part in the ongoing research and conducting some projects as the researcher leader such as “Discard survival and condition in Orkney brown crabs (Cancer pagurus)” and “Scallops Research Project”.

Optimisation of essential habitat in sustainable fishery management

PhD Aim:

To investigate the implications of the take of specific fisheries (creels) across target and non-target species (trophic relationships/structure): will future fishing change ecosystem structure and function?

PhD Objectives:

  1. To describe the systems at a holistic level
  2. To project system health under different scenarios of future environmental and management conditions
  3. To inform the emergence of management systems for sustainable inshore fisheries

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