Alejandra Garcia Cabanillas

Alejandra completed a BSc Zoology at Swansea University and then an MRes Biosciences (Evolutionary Game Theory) at Swansea University.

From fronds to forests: Individual-based and whole-forest models of kelp

PhD Aim:

  • To understand the differences between individual-based and whole-forest modelling of kelp forest.

PhD Objectives:

  • Develop, test and parameterise both the forest and individual-based models for a range of well studies sites around Scotland.
  • Conduct model experiments to determine the extent, and under what conditions and parameter values, the whole-forest model is able to simulate the behaviour of the individual-based models.
  • Conduct experiments with the models to determine the optimum harvesting strategy to ensure sustainable forest biomass and structure into the future

Contact Details:

Funding Awards:

Dec 2021 – MASTS-SFC Saltire Emerging Researcher Scheme – Modelling productivity and sustainability of future macroalgae farming in the north Atlantic under various climate change scenarios.