Rosie Day


I studied Marine Biology at St Andrews as an undergraduate and my honours dissertation investigated temporal variation in bottlenose dolphin whistles. I went on to completed the MSc in Marine Mammal Science also at St Andrews in August 2023 and focused on a methodological analysis of a program that categories whistle contours, ARTwarp. When I’m not staring at spectrograms, I enjoy crocheting, reading, gardening and adventuring outside. 

Delphinid Whistle Repertoires: A comparison method between species

PI and Institution:
Julie Oswald, University of St Andrews

PhD aim:
To use delphinid whistle repertoires as comparison method both within and between species.

PhD objectives:
The objectives of this project are still to be decided, however, they will focus on single-species geographic whistle repertoire comparisons, whistle repertoire comparison between delphinid species, and investigating the impact ocean noise has on whistle repertoires. 

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @RosieCRDay