DTP Year 5 Projects

Hosted by the University of Aberdeen:

  • Linking microbial genes to methane emissions from peatlands under water-table changes. PI: Ashish Malik. Prize studentship.
  • Populations at the edge: range dynamics and conservation of the Great Crested Newt under global change. PI: Greta Bocedi.
  • Unveiling the secrets of peatlands for climate change mitigation! PI: Mohamed Abdalla.
  • The interaction of waves with seaweed farms: wave attenuation and intra-farm hydrodynamics. PI: Dominic van der A.
  • The molecular basis of daily and seasonal migration behaviour in the copepod Calanus finmarchicus in the face of climate change. PI: Marius Wenzel.
  • When is a wild-living cat a wildcat? Using carnivore guild interactions to decipher ecological function. PI: Xavier Lambin. Prize studentship.

Hosted by the University of the Highlands and Islands:

  • An environmental evaluation of deep-sea mine tailings placement (DSTP). PI: John Alexander Howe.
  • Deep connections: how do changes in deep sea faunal communities relate to surface physics and biology. PI: Bhavani Narayanaswamy.
  • Interactions between biology, environmental and anthropogenic factors on the exploitation of pelagic species by the Scottish fleet. PI: Chevonne Angus.
  • Lighting up zooplankton – mapping marine light using robotics. PI: Finlo Cottier.
  • Multi-stressor impacts on coastal Antarctic and temperate sea urchins. PI: Helena Reinardy.
  • Optimising marine image capture and analysis from autonomous underwater vehicles (MICA). PI: Tom Wilding.

Hosted by the University of the West of Scotland:

  • The role of recreational marinas in facilitating the impacts of invasive non-native species. PI: Mhairi Alexander.

Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University:

  • Pollination ecosystem service support by sustainable urban drainage systems. PI: Gavin Ballantyne.
  • Quantifying antibiotic resistance and antibiotic resistance selective chemicals in the River Almond Catchment Area – a baseline for risk assessment and intervention targets. PI: Donald Morrison.

Hosted by the University of St Andrews:

  • Delphinid Whistle Repertoires: A comparison method between species. PI: Julie Oswald. Prize studentship.
  • Linking predator and prey dynamics: spatio-temporal trends in seals, seabirds and fish around Shetland. PI: Debbie Russell.
  • Predicting physiological impacts of disturbance on marine mammals: Implications for population-level effects. PI: Carol Sparling.
  • Towards improved conservation of the east coast of Scotland bottlenose dolphin population: Quantifying and understanding a major range expansion into northeast England. PI: Carol Sparling. Prize studentship.

Hosted by Heriot-Watt University:

  • Inclusion of the ‘youth voice for nature’ in regional marine planning. PI: Karen Alexander.
  • The combined impacts of climate change induced environmental variation (salinity and temperature) and pollutant mixtures on stress response in a typical estuarine species (Mytilus sp). PI: Mark Hartl
  • The effect of offshore windfarms on the distribution, behaviour, and abundance of fish. PI: Paul Fernandes.