DTP Year 4 Projects

Hosted by the University of Aberdeen:

  • Water quality risks from soil structure degradation in Scotland. PI: Paul Hallett.
  • Developing effective agricultural wetland management to reduce predation and improve wader breeding outcomes. PI: Thomas Bodey.
  • Oil change: Adaptation and plasticity of anemones in response to hydrocarbon pollution and climate stress. PI: David Fisher.
  • Optimising the long-term control of invasive American mink from catchment to coast: how many mink is too many? PI: Xavier Lambin.
  • Impact of multiple climate stressors on microbial processes and carbon sequestration in peatlands. PI: Ashish Malik.

Hosted by the University of the Highlands and Islands:

  • Impacts of Floating Offshore Wind infrastructure on the distribution and behaviour of fish & marine mammals. PI: Benjamin Williamson.
  • An oceanic species in coastal habitats: Risso’s dolphin distribution in Scottish waters and implications for conservation management. PI: Nienke van Geel.
  • Investigating methods for a multi-faceted approach to determine distribution and habitat use of harbour porpoises to inform management. PI: Rachel Schucksmith.
  • Climate change adaptation: Evaluating long-term resilience of the Scottish Marine Protected Area network. PI: Steven Benjamins.

Hosted by Heriot-Watt University:

  • Molluscan fishery sustainability in a complex and changing environment: past and present perspectives. PI: Mike Bell.

Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University:

  • Evaluating the landscape-scale benefits of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems for freshwater biodiversity. PI: Rob Briers.

Hosted by the University of St Andrews:

  • How do recreational activities alter spatiotemporal species interactions networks, and can this knowledge assist in promoting pro-environmental behaviour? PI: Chris Sutherland.
  • Jellies in the deep: quantifying siphonophore abundance and biodiversity in the mesopelagic (200-1,000 m depth) and how siphonophores bias acoustic estimates of mesopelagic fish biomass. PI: Andrew Brierley.
  • Harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms for the detection of marine mammal species in large acoustic datasets. PI: Luke Rendell.

Hosted by the University of Strathclyde:

  • Climate change, marine fisheries and conservation in West Greenland. PI: Mike Heath.
  • Developing operational spatial models for Scottish fisheries. PI: Douglas Speirs.