DTP Year 3 Projects

Hosted by the University of Aberdeen:

  • An evo-devo approach to invasive biology and adaptation to climate change. PI: Victoria Sleight.
  • Water bodies as interfaces and pathways for zoonotic and livestock pathogen transmission in Africa and Scotland. PI: Mark Moseley.
  • Integrating genomics and modelling to predict climate change response and identify drivers of decline in the endangered freshwater pearl mussel. PI: Kara Layton.
  • Towards enhanced black-legged kittiwake metapopulation modelling in the context of global change and renewable energy development. PI: Ana Payo-Payo.

Hosted by the University of the Highlands and Islands:

  • Investigating minke whale acoustic and foraging ecology to underpin MPA-based conservation. PI: Denise Risch.
  • River robots: utilising novel autonomous technologies, observations and models to investigate freshwater coastal dispersion. PI: Mark Inall.
  • Assessing benthic recovery following cessation of salmon farming using eDNA metabarcoding. PI: Tom Wilding.
  • Multistressor impacts of ocean acidification and warming on regeneration and biomineralisation in coastal sea urchins. PI: Michael Burrows.

Hosted by the University of Strathclyde:

  • Plankton size diversity in Scottish coastal waters: combining modelling and long-term observations to understand climate change impacts on planktonic communities and food webs. PI: Bingzhang Chen.
  • On the edge of the abyss: applying an energetics approach to explaining Atlantic salmon survival at sea. PI: Neil Banas.

Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University:

  • The effects of parasites on food web structure and dynamics: new ways to improve accuracy and ecological realism. PI: Sonja Rueckert.
  • Marine soundscapes and eDNA for assessing biodiversity and functioning of re-establishing European Flat Oyster Reefs. PI: Karen Diele.

Hosted by the University of St Andrews:

  • Development of an acoustic classifier for delphinid species off the west coast of Scotland. PI: Julie Oswald.
  • Examining the human-predator interface of the North Sea: interactions between man-made subsea structures, marine predators and commercial fisheries. PI: Debbie Russell.
  • Sources, sinks and subsidies of carbon within coastal saltmarsh habitats. PI: William Austin.

Hosted by the University of Stirling:

  • The blue mussel Mytilus edulisas an indicator species for modelling marine connectivity in Scotland. PI: Darren Green.

Hosted by the University of the West of Scotland:

  • Neoparamoeba peruans: its unique microbiome and impact on Amoebic Gill Disease and gill health in Salmon. PI: Fiona Henriquez.
  • The effects of contaminants on mechanisms underlying invasive species impact. PI: Mhairi Alexander.