DTP Year 2 Projects

Hosted by the University of Aberdeen:

  • Managing the impact of recovering mobile predators on endangered birds through prey switching: a field experiment in a habitat restoration landscape in the Cairngorms.  PI: Xavier Lambin
  • Linking microbial physiology with carbon transformations in peatlands under land use change. PI: Ashish Malik
  • Immunogenic status of salmonid populations in Scotland. PI: Stuart Piertney
  • Climate Change and Predator-Prey Populations: C2P3. PI: Beth Scott
  • The impact of changes in management, climate, and sea level on blue carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in coastal wetlands. PI: Jo Smith
  • The significance of macroalgal detritus for marine food webs and blue-carbon sequestration. PI: Ursula Witte

Hosted by the University of the Highlands and Islands:

  • Understanding and exploiting stoichiogenomics to harness reactive nitrogen in sustainable food production systems. PI: Mary Doherty
  • Organism and ecological impacts of electrofishing in Scottish shallow coastal habitats. PI: Clive Fox
  • Processing and fluxes of DOM in peat-pools and lochans. PI: Peter Gilbert
  • Using multibeam sonar to monitor animal behaviour and environmental interactions at marine renewable energy sites. PI: Benjamin Williamson
  • Unlocking the enigma of Scottish harbour porpoise fine-scale habitat use. PI: Ben Wilson

Hosted by the University of Stirling:

  • Invisible Threats to Oceans (InTO): assessing the combined toxicity effects of emerging anthropogenic pollutants on microbial communities. PI: Sabine Matallana-Surget
  • Investigation of the utility of a commercial scale integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) system with salmon, shellfish, and seaweed. PI: Trevor Telfer

Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University:

  • Methane-derived carbon in upland stream foodwebs: characteristics and significance for carbon cycles. PI: Rob Briers

Hosted by the University of St Andrews:

  • Lab on a chip: using nano-plasmonics tongues for building miniturized ecosystem sensors. PI: Lars Boehme
  • Killer whale predation of harbour seals in the coastal waters of Scotland: Investigating the ecological drivers and consequences of an apex predator-prey interaction. PI: Saana Isojunno
  • Understanding the scale, impact, and potential mitigation of marine animal entanglement in the Scottish static gear fishery. PI: Mark James
  • Assessing the impact of environmental chemicals on seabird development and health. PI: Karen Spencer

sted by the University of Strathclyde:

  • Modelling the impact of spatial fishery closures on commercially exploited shellfish stocks. PI: Douglas Speirs

Hosted by the University of the West of Scotland:

  • Ecological and evolutionary resilience of iconic amphibian species to environmental change. PI: Frances Orton