Maria Iohara Quirino-Amador


As I like to say, I’m an Ecologist understanding the relationship between humans and the ocean. My research focus as a whole is to add the stakeholder’s knowledge and opinions to help the management and conservation of ocean resources, mainly in the fisheries sciences. In past experiences, I researched tourism in the Guiana dolphin conservation during my undergraduate and memories of divers, fishers and marine scientists to reconstruct the Brazilian reefs landscape during my Masters. My interest includes sustainability, human ecology and environmental economics.

Interactions between biology, environmental and anthropogenic factors on the exploitation of pelagic species by the Scottish fleet

PI and Institution:
Chevonne Angus, UHI

PhD aim:
I seek to demonstrate the importance of a holistic approach to better understand how fish stocks are exploited within the face of both a changing environment and due to the influence of economic and societal change and technological advances. These interlinking factors are important when considering the importance of the fishing industry to remote and rural communities, to food security and, for pelagic fisheries which are known to have a low carbon footprint.

PhD objectives:

  • Investigate recent and historic seasonal and interannual variations in biological and ecological indicators within pelagic stocks;
  • Mapping and analysis of fleet movements and landings;
  • Assess how external factors such as technological change, market forces and changing processor requirements influence the operational choices of fishers’; 
  • Make a holistic assessment of how, in the face of changing environmental factors, biological changes interplay with economic drivers to influence how fishers exploit their limited fishing opportunities.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @mariaiohara
Researchgate: Maria Iohara Quirino-Amador 

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Quirino-Amador, M. Iohara; Longo, G.O.; Freire, F. A. M.; Lopes, P. F. M. (2021). Integrating Different Types of Knowledge to Understand Temporal Changes in Reef Landscapes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Frontiers | Integrating Different Types of Knowledge to Understand Temporal Changes in Reef Landscapes. 

Main conference presentations:

IMBeR Future of Oceans 2. Poster presentation. Brest, France (2019). Historical reconstruction of Brazilian reef landscapes using the memory of active users.

XVI Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology. Oral presentation. Belem, Brazil (2018). Tourism as a conservation tool to protect charismatic species.

XI Psychology Symposium. Natal, Brazil (2019). Oral presentation in the roundtable Scientific Divulgation. Woman in Scientific Divulgation. 

Outreach activities:
My main outreach activity so far is the She’Science Podcast, an initiative that I created with a friend to disseminate information in Brazil about women in science. I participate as a co-creator, manager, podcaster and screenwriter. Now we are working on a scientific paper integrating all the knowledge we collected and experienced between 2018 to 2022.