Danielle Sloan

Multi-disciplinary connectivity investigation of Priority Marine Features in Scottish waters using bio-physical modelling and population genomics

PhD Aim:

  • By combining particle tracking and hydrodynamic modelling with habitat suitability models and population genomics this project aims to investigate how Scottish flame shell (Limaria hians) beds are connected.

PhD Objectives:

  • The mitochondrial genome of Limaria hians (flame shell) will be characterised and described for the first time.

  • Broad-scale contemporary connectivity, gene flow and genetic diversity within and between flame shell beds will be investigated using haplotypes.

  • A Lagrangian particle tracking model will be forced with output from the hydrodynamic Scottish Shelf Model to investigate the mechanisms behind population connectivity.

  • Data from the genomic analyses will be used to validate the outcomes of the larval dispersal model.

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