Jessica Brook

I am a graduate of the University of Aberdeen with an Honours degree in BSc Biology and an MSc in Soil Science. I have a keen interest in agricultural land management and soil biophysics and in particular soil structure, soil water retention properties and environmental impact.

Water quality risks from soil structure degradation in Scotland 

PhD aim:

  • To investigate whether soils across Scotland are being managed in a way that degrades their structure and impacts water quality. 

PhD objectives:

  • To broaden previous surveys on soil structural degradation in Scotland to include the Highlands and organic soils.
  • To investigate soil physical and hydrochemical properties between degraded and less degraded areas ​at field scale through quantitative measurements.
  • To measure the impacts of soil structural degradation on catchment water quality.
  • To explore how rapid stresses, such as physical disruption by tillage or rapid rewetting of dry soil, influence hydrochemical processes.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected] 
Twitter: @jesslbrook 
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