Georgia Waldram

I gained my BSc (Hons) at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in 2018 and have recently graduated with an MSc in marine biodiversity and biotechnology at Heriot-Watt last year. My previous research has focused on the interactions between marine microalgae and associated bacteria and I have a particular interest in the biotechnological applications of marine microbes. 

Marine Oil Snow (MOS): understanding its formation and role in biodegradation of crude oil.

PhD Aims:

  1. To understand the formation of MOS with regard to the role of microbial EPS in aggregate assembly
  2. Measure and quantify crude oil biodegradation rates in MOS particles
  3. Identify which factors affect crude oil biodegradation rates in MOS.  

PhD Objectives:

  1. To assess the formation of axenic MOS particles when crude oil is exposed to EPS extracted from known EPS and oil- degrading bacteria and commercial polysaccharides of known molecular weight and polarity in roller bottle studies.
  2. Use oxygen microprobes in MOS microcosms to measure respiration rates of known isolates and a natural bacterial population and use analytical methods to quantify change within hydrocarbon fractions of crude oil and carbon isotope partitioning within DIC.
  3. Measure respiration and biodegradation rates in MOS when exposed to different bacterial populations, crude oil densities, EPS classifications and the addition of chemical dispersant.

Contact Details:


  • Linkedin: Georgia Waldram

  • Twitter: @MarineOilBro