Christian Armstrong

As a Marine Science graduate, I am particularly motivated to study environmental dynamics. Geophysics and the physical responses to climate change are especially interesting to me.  To develop my understanding of the geophysical environment, I followed an M2 Environmental Fluid Mechanics degree, where I developed the necessary numerical competency, covering signal analysis to deriving and solving equations of turbulent transport.

Assessing dynamic seabed change on the UK continental shelf

PhD Aim:

  • The aim of this project is to document the physical stability of the seabed, focusing on the Scottish coast due to the abundance of bathymetry data.

PhD Objectives:

  • To relate the morphological expression of Scottish coastal seabed to hydrodynamic energy available by classifying multibeam echosounder data.
  • To quantify the seabed’s temporal physical stability of particularly energetic sites.
  •  To assess the influence of installed engineered structures on the stable seabed dynamics by comparing pre- and post-seabed state providing that comprehensive data is acquired.

Contact Details:


  • Christian Armstrong, John A. Howe, Andrew Dale, Christopher Allen Bathymetric observations of an extreme tidal flow: Approaches to the Gulf of Corryvreckan, western Scotland, UK, Continental Shelf Research, Volume 217 (March 2021)