Calendar of Activities

Ongoing – online

  • Datatree online course
    • Date: Ongoing
    • Time: Ongoing
    • Location: Online
    • Strategic Learning Outcomes: Research data management
    • Registration details/Further information:
      • A free online course with all you need to know for research data management, along with ways to engage and share data with business, policymakers, media and the wider public.  The self-paced course will take 15 to 20 hours to complete in eight structured modules. The course is packed with video, quizzes and real-life examples of data management, along with plenty of additional background information. An electronic certificate is provided for completion of each module.
      • Find out more from
  • Fistral Online Project Management free videos
    • The Fistral “Espresso” Range – access Project Management videos for FREE
    • The videos focus on Project Management and are aimed at PhD/PGR and Early Career Researchers. Each video is circa 5 minutes long, and although presented in the context of research, the tools, tips and techniques are equally useful in any project and across any industry or sector. Fistral also offer a range of webinars across their Product Suite – on PM, Leading & Influencing, Communication & Collaboration, and Personal Effectiveness which, linked to the above, their calling an “Americano” range. Customers can book and schedule webinars as per an onsite training session. See their Webinar Page or contact them for more info.

 January 2021

  • Foundation online statistics course
    • Starts Wednesday 13th January 2021
    • This is a foundation stats course and might be the kind of thing some of you are looking for, and can provide a good refresher on the foundations of stats. This course introduces some of the key ideas and concepts of statistics, the discipline that allows us to analyse and interpret the data that underpins modern society. In this course, you will explore the key principles of statistics for yourself, using interactive applets, and you will learn to interpret and evaluate the data you encounter in everyday life.
    • Register here
  • Vitae Effective Researcher: The next 90 days
    • Two on-line sessions via zoom (0930-1300), Tue 19th & Wed 20th January, 2021
    • Recognizing the challenges presented by the current social distancing situation, you are invited to take part in two Effective Researcher training sessions. These two on-line sessions offers participants in the first year of their doctorate a chance to develop the skills required to manage this phase of their doctorate during these unprecedented times and to action plan accordingly.
  • Grad School Teabreak
    • Monday 25th January (1530-1630) via Zoom
    • 1530-1600 will be a general/informal chat session, and 1600-1630 will focus on any questions people have around TNA (training needs analysis).
  • Homestretch: creative workshops for social, recuperative space during Lockdown
    • 2:00-2:45 every Wednesday until 10 March 2021 – come to as many or as few as you can manage.
    • This winter with increased lockdown measures, research and studies can begin to feel like a marathon. The natural breaks we could often take that re-energised the focussed work we do occur less frequently in our current circumstances and this can take a toll. These sessions are designed to help get you through the homestretch. They are an opportunity for some creative playful time off task that can bring us back better in mind and body and even inspired.
    • We are very grateful to the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities who have opened up these sessions to MASTS PhD students. Find out more and get joining details here.

February 2021

  • Effective Researcher: Effective Progress
    • Two on-line sessions via zoom (0930-1300), Tue 2nd & Wed 3rd February, 2021
    • This programme offers participants in the second year of their doctorate, a chance to focus on the detailed critical success factors and management skills required to successfully complete their doctorate. The course addresses the requirements of a doctorate, including the hypothesis, the thesis structure, the assessment criteria and to action plan accordingly. It will also help you to plan for the coming year and give you perspective to think beyond your PhD.
  • Grad School Networking
    • Monday 17th February 2021 (1030-1130)
    • Using the networking function within HopIn, we will use different themed sessions in order to get to know one another a little better, both on a personal and professional basis. If you would like to participate, please accept the calendar invitation and register for the event on HopIn here – (if you didn’t join us for the ASM, you will need to create a HopIn account too).

March 2021

  • Leader Conversation with Luc Bas
    • 1300 on Thursday 11th March, 2021
    • These informal discussion are organised to help you meet people from various walks of life, including research, industry, and policy, who are in the position to influence and make a difference. The event will take place on-line, using Zoom, and is facilitated by two students (so please let us know if you would like to volunteer to lead such a conversation).
    • At this event, chat with Luc Bas. Currently Luc is the European Regional Director for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature(IUCN)
    • Set the context by watching this short video.
  • Grad School online Retreat
    • This event will be spread out over four half day sessions (Wed 17th March, 0855-1300; Fri 19th March, 1400-1700; Tue 23rd March, 0855-1300; & Thurs 25th March, 1400-1700).
    • The retreat will include optional social activities too.

April 2021

  • An introduction to mapping in R
    • Friday 9th April (0930-1130) – online via zoom
    • Learn what’s possible when it comes to creating maps in the (FREE) R programming environment. No experience of coding required! This 2 hour workshop will cover:
      • How to describe different types of maps.
      • Map projections.
      • Map objectives.
      • The benefits of using R.
      • Useful R packages.
    • At the end of the workshop you will have access to the teaching materials. This includes the code used to create examples of different types of maps. There will also be a chance to discuss any plans you might have for making maps in the future.
    • Sign up to attend this course here
  • Grad School Teabreak
    • Wednesday 7th April (1500-1600) via Zoom
  • Virtual Community Science Camp (19 April – 24 May 2021)
    • Are you an early career researcher in environmental science? Are you interested in public engagement especially working with people affected by climate change and ecological crises? Would you like to work toward social and sustainability goals?
    • Virtual Community Science Camp is a 5 week interactive online learning programme exploring the concept and practice of community-centred approaches to research as seen through a diverse set of case study examples.
    • Applications open 9 February and the deadline for applications is 5pm, 8 March.
    • We highly recommend you sign up to the introduction event on 8 February (2.30pm-4pm), which will give you an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into how the course can support your professional and personal development.
    • Please join us for NERC’s Virtual Community Science Camp
  • Grad School Teabreak including discussion topic
    • Wednesday 28th April (1500-1630) via Zoom
    • An informal chat for the first half hour and then a bite sized look and discussion about Imposter Syndrome.

May 2021

  • MEDDLE training
    • This event will be spread out over two half day sessions (Thurs 6th May, 0900-1230 & Fri 7th May, 0900-1230) and will be on zoom.
    • Sign up to attend this course here.
    • Multiple Environmental Driver Design Lab for Experiments
    • This course will help you define research questions, identify responses and drivers and help you to design a great experiment!
  • Two golden hours online writing retreat
    • Friday 14th May (0930-1200)
    • These online sessions will provide some dedicated time to spend on writing, supported by your colleagues.
    • Sign up to attend here.
  • Leader Conversation with Anna Metaxas
    • Friday 14th May (1300-1400)
    • These informal discussion are organised to help you meet people from various walks of life, including research, industry, and policy, who are in the position to influence and make a difference. The events also offer the opportunity for one or two students to act as hosts and to gain experience in facilitating.
    • At this event chat with Anna Metaxas, Professor in the Dept of Oceanography at Dalhousie University, Canada.
    • Sign up to attend here.
  • Climate Exp0
    • Organised by the COP26 Universities Network, this Climate Exp0 event is taking place virtually between 17th and 21st May.
    • Each day is dedicated to one of five conference themes: Green Recovery; Mitigation Solutions; Adaptation & Resilience; Finance; and Nature & Nature-based Solutions.
    • The conference will focus on three audience groups, with separate strands of activity geared towards each one over the duration of the conference: policy, academics and students.
  • Grad School Teabreak
    • Wednesday 26th May (1100-1200) via Zoom

June 2021

  • Two golden hours online writing retreat
    • Thursday 10th June (1430-1700)
    • These online sessions will provide some dedicated time to spend on writing, supported by your colleagues.
    • Sign up to attend here.

July 2021

  • Two golden hours online writing retreat
    • Wednesday 7th July (0930-1200)
    • These online sessions will provide some dedicated time to spend on writing, supported by your colleagues.
    • Sign up to attend here.

August 2021

  • Two golden hours online writing retreat
    • Tuesday 3rd August (1430-1700)
    • These online sessions will provide some dedicated time to spend on writing, supported by your colleagues.
    • Sign up to attend here.
    • w/c 23rd August- a 3-day format of half-day sessions, timings tbc
    • This Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities event will identify three ‘Climate Challenges’ set by ‘Challenge Leads’ from across the arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. These challenges will then be tackled by small interdisciplinary groups of doctoral researchers using a range of different methods and approaches. .
    • More details to follow soon.

September 2021


October 2021

  • Annual Science Meeting and Training
    • 5-7 October 2021 in Glasgow (Covid permitting)
    • More details to follow soon.

November 2021

  • NatureScot and MASTS Policy Day for Grad Students
    • 24th November 2021 online via zoom
    • Graduate students (MSc students, MASTS/SUPER PGRs) are invited to spend the afternoon with NatureScot policy & advice colleagues who will deliver a number of interactive sessions.
    • More details to follow soon.